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Have you ever wanted to help rescue a dog or cat but aren't able to make a lifetime commitment?

Fostering is a rewarding experience and the first step toward finding a forever home for these animals.

It is also the perfect way to get to know your fostered pet before potentially making a lifelong commitment through adopting, in which case you'll have first preference to do so!

Pound Rescue Inc. has a great support team to assist and guide you through the entire process. This team includes a dog behaviourist, as well as a vet. You will be appointed your own liaison support person that will provide you with advice, information, and guidance when need be. 

Most carers will be asked to do a meet and greet beforehand, and all arrangements for fostering meetings will be at a mutually agreeable time and place. 

Most of our carers provide the foster dog with its basic needs (food etc). We will, however, provide food where food donations are available. All vet work and medications will also be provided by Pound Rescue Inc. 

To help your foster dog or cat find it's forever home, the perfect picture goes a long way. We ask the carer to provide some clear photos showing your foster dog or cat at their best. Foster carers also build a profile of their foster pet's personality, so a description of the advertised dog or cat helps find them a forever home faster as well.  The team at Pound Rescue Inc. upload the photos and description of the animal to pet adoption websites such as

The first two weeks can be challenging and your foster pet may be hungry, tired, stressed, and scared. Pound animals require patience and compassion. We do ask that we have a commitment from our foster carers as it's best for the fostered pets to not be moved from carer to carer especially when they are learning to love and trust again.

If the circumstances are that the fostered pet cannot definitely stay with your family, then we will advertise for another carer, but keep in mind that this can take time. We are all volunteers so our resources for emergency care are limited.

All of our dogs and cats receive a vet check and are vaccinated, microchipped, de-sexed, and flea and worm treated. Pound Rescue Inc. also commits to the animal's well-being and any medical treatments. We rely heavily on the generosity of donations and our adoption fees to cover the ongoing expenses of running our rescue.

Pound Rescue Inc. is a not-for-profit charity run by a group of volunteers that have saved the lives of these animals as their first priority. Fostering is a major link in the process of rescuing, rehabilitating, and re-homing these deserving pets. Your foster dog or cat will be alive today because you helped. You were the person that opened your heart and your home and showed love when no one else would. Your heart had the capacity to take in an animal in need, and then allow them to go on to its new forever home. Showing absolute strength of spirit and the reward will be worth any tears you may shed along the way.


​​Help make a difference and sign up to become a foster carer today!


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